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First Bugatti Veyron crash


We’ve seen plenty of smashed Ferrari Enzos but this is the first time we’ve across images of a wrecked Bugatti Veyron. Information is sketchy, but it’s thought that a pool of water on the road caused the AWD supercar to lose traction and then spin out of control, sending it head first into a ditch near Shepperton in the UK. Most of the cabin section and engine compartment look relatively undamaged, however, it’s hard to determine what internal damage to the drivetrain there is if any.

The Mail reports the vehicle was registered to 41-year old businessman Kumar Soni, but it’s believed the person behind the wheel at the time of the accident was his younger brother, 39-year old Ajay Soni. The crash occurred near the owner’s £3 million Surrey home in the UK, and neighbors claim it had caused a heated argument between the two brothers.It’s also thought that the £830,000 supercar was only delivered last week and is one of only a dozen such models in the UK. Onlookers claim the car was travelling in excess of 100mph before the driver lost control, hit a Vauxhall Astra driven by a seven-month pregnant woman, and spun three times before crashing into trees beside the road .


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